We pride ourselves in offering personalised, customer centric solutions. Each project is viewed as a partnerships, one with distinct needs and unique expectations. Our in-depth knowledge of the local housing market, close relationship with a network of exceptional tradesmen, and our understanding of local building regulations have helped us develop processes that allow us to deliver projects in an organised, hassle-free and timely manner, yet are flexible enough to accommodate each project’s individual requirements. 

Communications with our clients are always transparent and designed to keep them up to date with their project’s progress at all times. This allows us to make sure budgets and timelines are closely adhered to and that plans to mitigate potential hurdles are always in place. The Dominant Construction team always endeavours to deliver projects on-time, on-budget and most importantly up to our client’s expectations.  


With over 26 years’ experience in construction and development, George has managed and taken part in multiple successful projects. Originally trained as a tiler, George quickly perfected his trade and sought and mastered additional skills including stone masonry, plumbing and joinery. In 2001, George moved to Oxford where he secured a position as a labourer for a well-established developer. In only a short eleven years he rose through the ranks to become a company director and eventually shareholder thanks to his tenacity, ever-positive attitude and extensive industry know-how. In 2014, together with his wife, George decided to incorporate Dominant Construction with a vision to create a company that delivers renovation and construction projects in a straight forward, hassle-free manner for all his clients. His in-depth knowledge of the industry’s trades and his hands-on experience allow him to deliver projects of outstanding quality while providing his clients with true value.


Armed with a business and finance degree, Besarta began her career as a manager for a major high street retailer. After eight years in the corporate side of retail, and occupying posts ranging from office manager to finance controller, Besarta decided to incorporate Dominant Construction together with her husband George, bringing to the table the necessary operational knowledge to maximise resources and improve efficiency. Her expertise provide her with the skills necessary to be the brains behind the brawn.


Simon Bawden is a London based developer and marketing expert. With over 15 years of industry experience Simon’s professional insight has helped him deliver a multitude of projects always on time, on budget, and always up to spec.

Simon has worked through the industry’s trades. The experience provided him with valuable insight on how different trades work together and what makes projects successful.

His multifaceted practical knowledge of the industry gives him a unique perspective on how to approach and deliver projects regardless of their complexity.