Four Ideas On How To Choose The Perfect Colour Palette For Your Home.

A crucial element of your renovation projects is your colour scheme. When renovating your home you will have to make many decisions amongst which will be what colour should my walls be. On the face of it, it should be an easy decision. You know what colours you like right? But when you start looking through catalogues you may become overwhelmed with the array of choices. Here are four points to consider when choosing your colour palette to get you started.

1. How to Choose Colours You Like

First off, think of things you love; like your favourite piece of clothing, environments where you feel the most comfortable in and things you enjoy doing the most. What colours do you associate with these? These colours will guide you in adding personality to your new space and will help you create the right mood for you.

If you are unsure that the colours you are considering are the right ones, some paint providers have some great tools, such as paint visualisers, that will help you see how your chosen colour palette will look in your home. Even if you are not using their brand, take advantage of these tools you can find online, they will give you a good idea of what your home would look like when decorated with a specific colour palette.

2. Use Your Memories

Was your favourite trip ever the one you took to Greece? Does the idea of living next to the sea sound idyllic? Why not consider colours that mimic sand like white, neutrals and blues. If your idea of a perfect day is one where you get to walk in the forest, choose greens and deep earthy neutrals which you can combine with textured materials for soft furnishings and accessories literally extracted from nature. You can add accents of orange and yellow to add a touch of sunshine. The key is to bring your happy into real life.

3. It Is All About The Accents.

You do not have to be over the top with colour to inject personality into your home. You may however consider a bold accent colour instead. Consider using neutral colours as your driving shades and then adding an accent colour. Neutral colours will take on some of the qualities of colours they are paired with, for example if you chose a light grey as a base and pair it with whites and blues, the effect will be calm and serene. If you take the same grey and pair it with yellow white and orange, you will have a room that feels energetic and active.

If for whatever reason you do not have the opportunity to create an accent wall, you can inject accent colours to spaces decorated in neutral shades by adding soft furnishings, furniture, drapes and decorations in the accent colours of your choice.

4. Think Tonal

Using two or more tone of the same colour will create a calm yet interesting space. Think using different shades of the same blue in different walls. If you feel bold, why not create dual tone walls. This is a great way to create an interesting feature without having to spend a fortune on artwork. You could even add an accent stripe between both colours or around walls and doors to make the colours pop even more.

If you want to have a much better idea of what the colours in your palette will look like in your home, you can always buy tester pots at your chosen provider’s outlet. Use some A4 lining paper and place them on the walls where you are planning to apply them. This will give you a good idea how the lighting in the room will affect the colour and the exact end product.

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