10 Ideas For Your Kitchen Extension

A kitchen extension will not only provide you with additional living space but it will also add value to your home. Kitchen extensions are in most cases a great investment. A kitchen extension will transform your current cooking space into a socialising and living space. We share with you 10 ideas for you to consider when thinking of creating a kitchen extension.

1 Incorporate Various Roof Profiles.

A multifunctional kitchen extension – one that will house cooking, dining, socialising, and living spaces – will benefit from a varied roofing structure over one boring flat ceiling. Different ceiling levels will help define and separate the different functions of the new kitchen space, so it’s worth thinking about this in the initial planning stages.

Start by defining the function of each area within the new space, like where socialising will be taking place, where you will be doing the cooking and how you plan to integrate this new space with the rest of your home, including the outside. You can then decide what type of roof is appropriate for each section. High ceilings create an uplifting, effect, whereas lower ceiling are more cosy and intimate. Pitched roof profiles will draw your eyesight upwards or downwards leading your brain to read the space differently.

2 Use Different Floor Levels

Define the different areas in your kitchen extension by using different floor levels. If your extending to create an open-plan space, you want to define separate living, cooking, and dining areas. A helpful way to do this is to have different levels of flooring; you could raise the level of the cooking space above that of the diner, or vice versa, then gradually transition down towards the garden level.

3 Embrace Asymmetry

Uniquely shaped kitchen extensions can create wonderful living spaces that suit individual households perfectly. Think outside the box during the planning stage; you can go for an L-shaped kitchen layout or bring something to life that is beautifully asymmetrical, that performs in the way you need it to.

4 The Devil Is In The Detail

Before your extension project is in full swing, it’s important to think about the kitchen layout and design too. Have some ideas before you decide on the build, so that these can be incorporated at the outset, e.g., drainage points, electric sockets, extractors, windows, etc. This will in the long-run save you time and money. Remembering to incorporate these nitty gritty details in the early planning stages is something you’ll be happy you did later in the project.

5 Get Creative With Awkwardness

There will inevitably be one or two areas of your new kitchen that you’re not sure what to do with. One wall will stay in the darker part of the room, so you might want to use this space for utility units and chores rather than as dining or socialising spaces. By creating a utility area, you will also be creating storage space which will in turn make sure your new space remains uncluttered.

6 Bring In The Light

If you’re looking to make the most of natural light and make your new kitchen as bright and open as possible, think about installing a skylight. A skylight allows you to create a bespoke look which really opens up the space and allows the light to pour right into the room.

7 Create A Feature Island

Always dreamt of having a beautiful kitchen island as the stand-out feature in your kitchen? An extension will give you the space to do just that. Kitchen island can be great socialising spaces specially when seating is incorporated; they create a place for people to gather round with a glass of wine while the cook sees to meal prep, and they’re a great breakfast and lunch spot for your everyday. A kitchen island will provides you with extra storage as well. Keep your countertops clutter-free and put larger utensils and appliances you don’t use all the time away in the confines of your island unit.

8 Mix Things Up

Use a mix of materials to get the best from your kitchen extension. Create a brick extension to extend the space retaining the structure and warmth within the framework for example. Pair the brick with steel framed doors to offer an airy feel, allowing the outside to integrate with the indoor space. Further use of glass with a roof lantern will add a contemporary edge to the design, and floods the main kitchen area with natural light.

9 Multi-purpose Is King

Work with your architect during the early stages of your project to create a space that can provide the perfect balance for your lifestyle. A smart kitchen extension that seamlessly integrates cooking, dining and socialising is a great use the space – especially when working from a small floor plan. 

Using larger furniture pieces to help create the different zones is an ideal solution to save on structural divisions. You can also use colour blocking to define the different zones. Two-tone kitchen colour schemes are hugely popular with larger kitchens, as they help to create visual variety and prevent the space from feeling too big and empty.

10 Make Your New Kitchen Work For You

Our homes have never had to work harder to incorporate all of our growing needs. While kitchens have always been considered the heart of the home – today they are home offices, restaurants, classrooms and more. Not to say how we live now will stay, but designers are most definitely sensing this will influence how we use the space in the future. An extension can pave the way for a reconfigured layout that complements your ‘new normal’ lifestyle.

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