What Do You Need To Consider When Retiling Your Roof?

When thinking of retiling your roof, there is an endless variety of roof tiles to choose from. From classic concrete or clay roof tiles to durable metal tiles to luxurious natural slate tiles the choices are many. Each type of tile will offer unique strengths and advantages – ease of installation, durability, aesthetics, etc. It is all about weighting up the pros and cons of each option and deciding which tile will be the best for your project.

When choosing the type of roof tile that is right for you consider the following:

Roof Design and Structure

The design and pitch of your roof will influence your choice on the best type of roof tile. If the pitch is very low, certain tiles won’t be suitable for installation for example.

Aesthetics and Appearance

The overall look of your home is an important factor when choosing the right type of tile for you. Think of what kind of finish it will create for your property. If your home is of a traditional design, a sleek modern slate or lightweight roof tile may look incongruent. Think of colour and what type of tile will fit best with your exterior scheme. You might also want to keep in mind neighbouring properties and consider how your new roof will fit into the natural flow of the street.

Geography and Climate

Across the UK, there are a variety of different tiles which are distinctively used in certain regions. When choosing your tiles you may want to take this into consideration. Tiles with the most prevalence in your area may have been chosen as they are better suited to the climatic conditions of the area. Is the area you live in very windy? Is it affected by heavy rain or hail storms? Is your property close to the sea? Is it really hot during the summer? The tiles you choose should be able to withstand any specific climatic challenges.

Local Planning

In some cases, there may be restrictions implemented by the local authority which could restrict your choices. You may need to comply with planning requirements which regulate the type of tiles you can use. In some areas, tiles may require specific approval based on environmental grounds. Always check with your local authority to make sure that the tiles you have chosen will abide by local regulations.


Deciding on a budget prior to commencing any work can be a way to narrow down your choices. Make sure you keep in mind installation and transportation costs as well as any future maintenance costs.

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