Why You Should Choose Plantation Shutters For Your Windows.

When renovating your home, you will have a plethora of options when it comes to window treatments.  Few, however, will provide you the same control over the amount of natural light allowed into a room or the level of privacy as shutters will.

Amongst the most popular shutter styles available today are plantation shutters. These are wooden, louvered blinds that sit inside their own frame and are fixed to your window sill or doorframe. The slats or louvres in plantation shutters can be tilted from fully closed to fully open, or anywhere in between, providing you with great natural light control and airflow.

Plantation shutters are one of the most popular styles today and their name originates in Southern USA, where these style of shutters were commonly fitted on cotton and sugar plantations mansions to control light, protect occupants from the weather and even prevent insects from coming into these palatial homes. However, their origins are much older and can be dated back to ancient Greece, where solid shutters made from wood or even marble were fitted to buildings for protection.

Plantation shutters are extremely dynamic and one of the most flexible window dressings on the market. They are known to help improve sleep by providing great control on the amount of light that is allowed into a room, offering undisturbed sleep be it day or night. Because of this, plantation shutters are a great choice for nurseries and bedrooms.

Plantation shutters also provide privacy without too much compromise on the amount of light coming into a room. Unlike curtains or roman blinds that must completely be draw back to allow light through, shutters provide you with the best of both worlds. By simply tilting the louvres, shutters provide some privacy making it very difficult to peer into a room whilst still allowing light in.

Plantation shutters have also been known to help retain the heat in a room as closing them can minimise draughts from windows and doors making them a perfect choice if your property does not benefit from double glazing.

On hotter days, plantation shutters allow for ventilation without compromising on security or privacy. Louvres can be kept open on hot days, allowing air to ventilate a room while retaining privacy and security, especially if you have pets or young children.

Plantation shutters can also add value to your property as homes with them give the impression to be better maintained. They are also easy to clean and can be kept in good condition without much effort. They are elegant and design-wise, they fit with most property styles. They also come in many materials. From affordable Basswood which is durable with a tight grain that provides a smooth finish when painted to classic poplar wood which is strong and lightweight. You can also find plantation shutters in premium woods such as elm and even some made of waterproof Polyvinyl – especially useful for kitchens and bathrooms where one has to keep humidity in mind.

Plantation shutters can come in a variety of configurations. You can have full height plantation shutters which cover a whole window. These offer clean lines and a simple style. In many instances, these can be fitted with a mid-rail to increase versatility. The tier-on-tier style is probably the most versatile. They are installed with an upper and a lower panel which can be opened and closed separately to one another. These type of shutters are commonly used for bay windows and are a great option if controlling the amount of light in a room is your main priority. You can also have café-style plantation shutters, which are only fitted to the lower part of a window. These will provide you with constant light in a room while still allowing you for privacy, specially if seated. You can also have solid shutters which provide you with total privacy when closed and can act as a barrier against noise and weather.

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