When Is The Best Time For Home Improvement Projects?

These past few years have seen UK home owners spend approximately £110 billion pounds on home improvements due to the pandemic. During this period, outhouses, home gyms and home extensions proved  to be the most popular home improvement choices. 5 million Brits redecorated rooms in their homes, 1.5 million built an outhouse and over a million built home-gyms and extensions.

While renovations costs might have increased dramatically during the pandemic period, historically, there are times of the year when making certain home renovations can be more affordable.

January is the perfect time to do a garden clearance. While most people will do this around march, getting your garden cleared in January will be cheaper. The cold weather will have caused the foliage to die back which means there will be les work to be done and it will probably require a smaller skip to clear resulting in an overall smaller bill.

If you are planning to fit a new kitchen, February is potentially the best time of the year to do so. Most people will want to give their kitchen a facelift for Christmas, which means that February is a quiet month for kitchen fitters. Since they will not have as many jobs lined up, kitchen fitter might be able to accommodate your schedule better and potentially you will be able to negotiate a better price.

March is the perfect time to replace or repair your windows. People tend to carry out this home improvement once temperatures begin to drop. Replacing or repairing your windows in March, will give you plenty of time to compare quotes and providers so you can choose your contractor leisurely.

As with other chores or home improvements which people tend to do only once it is necessary, doing a chimney sweep in April rather than October or November will see you score better rates and find a contractor that is easily available. Also, lighter, warmer and drier conditions help when your sweep is examining the exterior chimney conditions.

May is perfect for clearing your guttering. As tempting as it is to do so in October once all the leaves have fallen, waiting until the end of spring to do so will allow the worst of the weather to pass so that you can do this job safely. A word to the wise, it is a good idea to carry out this chore at least twice a year.

If you are thinking of replacing your floor, do so in June. Demand for flooring trades steps up from September onwards as people begin to focus on interior jobs. Changing your floors in June will be a great choice as most people will be worried with their gardens giving your chosen provider a better chance of fitting you into their schedule.

July is a great month to fit in security systems. As days get shorter in October and November, the longer periods of darkness make homeowners more aware for the need of security systems. As weather tends to be better in July than after October, it also makes installation much easier and as with other home improvements, cheaper.

During the summer, our boilers aren’t working as hard and therefore are less likely to need running repairs. So fixing or repairing your boiler this time of the year is far easier and chances of you getting an appointment with your provider of choice are greater. Also, we’d estimate that you can make a 10 – 15 percent saving when the market is less competitive.

September is a good time to think about refitting your bathroom Kids are back in school and people are spent from returning from holidays which means contractors tend to be less busy at this time of the year. As with other projects, doing a bathroom renovation in periods that are less busy with the relevant trades, comes with a better chance of finding a provider who is available and potentially better rates.

Put up new fencing in October. During the summer, your garden usually looks its best, so having fencers stepping on all your flowerbeds isn’t ideal. Getting hard landscaping jobs done when plants are dormant is a much better choice.

Summer is not a great time to get a decorator as it is one of their busiest periods, hence, painting your rooms in November is a much better option. Do keep in mind that Christmas is also a very busy time for decorators.

December is a great time to insulate the loft. This might sound strange but as many of the decorations that are usually in the loft will be in other areas of your home, it is a perfect time to tidy this space and make any improvements necessary.

Regardless of the time of the year, at Dominant Construction we are always keen to talk about construction. We are always ready to help you make your home improvement projects a success. If you are planning any form of home renovation, kitchen extension or loft conversion we are keen to have a chat with you. Make an appointment to come and see us at our office in Hammersmith or give us a call.