How To Choose The Right Kitchen Tap

There are a few items at home that get intense use on daily basis. The kitchen tap is one of them. Think how many times a day we switch them on. Not everyone gives this piece of hardware a lot of thought. Many, when renovating a kitchen, will be guided by budget only, but there are many other factors that should affect what tap to go for – style, shape, flow. These decisions will affect how you use your kitchen for years to come. The decision about what type of kitchen taps you should opt for should be taken in the wider context of the overall kitchen layout and design. However, here are a few key facts that you need to consider.


As with everything, especially in the current climate, budget is a key factor when purchasing anything for the home. The kitchen tap price range is vast – from £10 to £700 or more. Literally there is something for everyone. But if you think that going for the most budget friendly option is always the wisest move, think again. It is crucial that you keep in mind value for money against absolute cost. For example, a poor quality tap, even though it may seem cheap to start with, may not have the same lifespan as other options that are better made and that are potentially more expensive. This means that cheaper models will probably have to be replaced with greater frequency. The old saying “buy cheap, buy twice” stands true when talking about kitchen taps. Your best starting point would be a mid-price model and take it from there. Chose a product with a sensible warranty that will allow for some wiggle room should you not be satisfied with the product’s performance or quality.


If your kitchen is ultra-modern and minimalist, you wouldn’t chose a Victorian style tap. Your kitchen hardware should complement your kitchen design. A great way to choose the right style for your kitchen tap is visiting a few kitchen show-rooms and websites to see the different models in context. This will be a great source of inspiration so you can match your kitchen design to an appropriate hardware style.


Even if we are not always aware of the full range of functions for a kitchen tap, be assured that we used for much more than just filling the kettle. Before choosing a tap for your newly renovated kitchen, think of how you will use it. If you are a true foodie for example, you might consider a pull out spray kitchen tap, similar to those found in professional kitchens. These can be used not only to clean food but will also come incredibly handy when washing up all size and shapes of pots and pans. Think about the type of handles these will have; do you prefer a traditional design or would you find levers more practical? Whatever your preference, never forget to choose a tap that is easy to use and which can be easily adjusted to get the right water temperature – especially if you are installing a mixer tap.


As with style, your choice in finish will most probably be tied to your kitchen’s design. For example, a shiny chrome tap, is a great choice when matched with a stainless steel sink. These materials are relatively easy to clean and will help keep your kitchen bacteria-free. Matte finishes look great in a minimalist setting though keep in mind that the texture that makes these items matte, might require a more conscientious cleaning routine.

Boiling Water Taps

Boiling Water and more recently, cold and sparkling water taps are usually considered top of the range. These are incredibly practical as you will no longer need a kettle and will have cool and even sparkling water…. Well…. On tap! The tap boils water under the worktop and releases it when you need it. Manufacturers of these systems claim that using them is cheaper than using the kettle and that there is also less water wastage. As these taps are considered top of the range, expect a to pay a pretty penny. Boiling water taps can cost around £800 and you can also expect to pay an additional £200 for installation. Whichever your choice, as with anything in your home, it must work for you and your lifestyle. If you are planning a kitchen renovation or a kitchen extension, we would love to have a chat with you. Give us a call at 020 71186155 or make an appointment to come and see us at our office in Hammersmith. We will be more than happy to discuss your renovation plans and ultimately help you chose the right tap for your beautiful brand new kitchen.