8 Great Ideas For A Basement Conversion

Space is most certainly a premium in the current market, so if you are lucky enough to have a basement at home, why not make the most of underutilised subterranean space. Renovating your basement into a usable living space is a great way of making the most of your total floorplan.

1- Use Your Basement Conversion To Create A New Family Hub.

Most basement conversions will work very well as open plan living spaces due to their inherent structure. Such spaces offer a great opportunity to create a new social or family hub to entertain. Open plan spaces will allow you to integrate larger more comfortable furniture where many people can relax and will provide you with potentially uninterrupted views so you can place a large TV that everyone can enjoy from every corner of your new family room.

2.- Create Your Dream Open Plan Kitchen In Your Basement Extension.

If your home’s ground floor already caters for multiple functions – dining room, hallways, sitting room, etc. – why not move your kitchen to the basement, where you can create that luxurious open plan kitchen you’ve always wanted. At the same time, it will give you some extra room on your ground floor to extend your living room or create a formal dining room.

3.- Give The Kids A Dedicated Play Space In Your Basement Conversion.

A dedicated playroom in the basement will help you keep your home more organised. A dedicated playroom in the basement extension will potentially provide you with additional toy storage space while providing a room for the kids where they can feel independent. It can also double up as an extra room with cleverly integrated additional sleeping quarters for those ever important sleepovers.

4.- Create An Underground Home Cinema.

A basement conversion can be the perfect space for a home cinema. Not only it will provide you with the open space you need to integrate comfortable seating and a big screen but will also provide you with the darker environment that a home cinema requires without additional cost.

5.- Add Extra Value To Your Home By Converting Your Basement Into An Extra Bedroom.

Adding a bedroom, more often than not, will add value to your home. Adding a bedroom suite in the basement will not only add value to your home but, if used as a guest bedroom, will also provide your guests with privacy. If your basement conversion is earmarked as a master bedroom, why not take advantage of the extra space and incorporate a luxurious ensuite. Do keep in mind that if you are planning on using a basement conversion as a bedroom, you need to keep in mind sources for natural light, insulation and heat sources.

6.- Create The Office Of Your Dreams.

If thinking of creating a home office, why not do so in your basement extension? A basement extension office can provide you with the privacy and space you need to create an office where you can be your most productive. A basement office will give you the much-needed separation between home and work life that a dining room table doesn’t while providing you with a productive and private space that many jobs require.

7.- Create A Wine Cellar.

If your basement is not big enough to accommodate a living or working space why not convert it into a wine storage cellar? This can provide you with additional storage space in your kitchen while giving your home a luxurious additional space.

8.- Add A Utility Room.

Another idea for smaller basements is to create a dedicated utility room. Washing and drying machines can be placed here, giving you extra space in the kitchen with the added bonus that they will be isolated from other living spaces just in case they are slightly noisy.

Keep in mind as well, there is a chance that if your basement is already in existence and meets certain requirements to make it a properly usable space (which means you would not have to do any further excavation or raise the ceiling) you will not need planning permission as many basement conversions fall under Permitted Development rights.

If you are thinking of creating a new family hub or a super posh cinema room in your basement, give us a call. We would love to discuss with you how we can help you with your basement conversion. You can also visit us at our office in Hammersmith, at Dominant Construction, we are always happy to chat about construction and renovation projects.