Planning Permission

Dominant Construction Ltd. have a Central and South West London focus and are always well abreast of the developments in local planning permission guidance and building control. We are also familiar with the property types and architectural profile of this region meaning that the design work we undertake will be sensitive and well applied to your property. Obtaining planning permission for your property conversion need not be an arduous affair for our clients as we will undertake all such necessities. Our staff are excellent communicators and always adhere to proven project management best practices to ensure an exemplary finish.

Our process

We advise you on every stage of the process from concept design to construction. Our design team work alongside architects and planning officers for approval of the full planning application and building regulation drawings, to ensure that your project meets building regulations requirements. We provide support through every part of the process, and liaise with the local planning authority to ensure that your project achieves the planning permission required.

What’s next?

As part of our design package, CPS use the latest technology and software to produce high quality CGI's to help you visualise your project at completion. We are currently working in collaboration with various high end developers and estate agents to produce CGI's for new developments. As a marketing exercise high quality CGI's prove invaluable in boosting the sales potential of your development. Our experience has shown it to be an important tool in presenting new projects for planning approval, investment opportunity and for clients and potential end users.

We offer a project management service that ensures your project is finished to your specification and within time frame and budget. We also offer a quantity surveying service which includes initial tender, procurement and contract management. For structural designs, our structural engineer can create a structural design for your project whether it be a foundation design for a residential extension or a complex steel frame design for a large commercial project.

Should you be interested in any of these services, please contact us via the contact page on the website.