An initial in-home consultation

We will meet with you at your property to discuss your home remodelling plans and design vision, and we will answer to all essential questions you may have, concerning your renovation project process.


Next is a design and proposal meeting

After first meet up we will work on development of an initial design and work scope that covers your house or flat renovation goals, we will return to your home to review your project plan with you.


Confirmation of project planning


With your approval of the finalised design plan and work scope will passed to your personal project/contracts manager, which will meet with you in your property for a final review and confirmation of your whole home remodelling project and to take all necessary preliminary site measurements.


Building product selection


We are happy to help you choose the perfect materials, electrical appliances, and fixtures for your home renovation project, your project/contracts manager will assist you with design ideas and products.


Permits and construction


As soon as you approve your design plan and work scope, we then begin the planning permit process. Because of our extensive experience with planning permits, we'll handle it all for you. Once all necessary  permit materials arrive and have been secured, the construction phase of your home remodelling project will launch. Our team of experts, led by your project/contracts manager, will coordinate and supervise every aspect of construction and site management process.


Project Completion

After the project has been finalised and all work areas have been cleaned by our professional cleaners, your home renovation project will be completed.  All certificates required for your project  will be handed over to you. Please do not hesitate and contact us today. We are happy to serve residents throughout London and UK.

Our proven comprehensive project planning and coordination.

Every home and flat remodelling  project we undertake includes a detailed project scope, regular customer updates, detailed progress log, invoicing system, a no delay policy and other aspects which makes the entire renovation process as convenient as possible for you, and guaranteeing a beautiful end result. We ensure that all work we carry out proceeds according to concrete plan, each Dominant Construction remodelling project  staff is led by project/contracts manager and an project coordinator, landscape architects and all construction is overseen and approved regularly by a site foreman and skilled tradespersons.

Planning Permission

Dominant Construction have a experience in developments and submitting local planning permission guidance and building control. We are also very familiar with the property types, structure and architectural profile of UK this means that any design work we take on board will be precise and will be well applied to your property. The process of obtaining planning permission of the property extension needs not meet an arduous affair for our clients, as we will make sure to meet such necessities. Our staff are excellent in communication and proven to have best project management practices to ensure an exemplary finish.

Interior Design

Dominant Construction in-house design team will work ensuring to optimise utility of space, scale and scope within your property for an complete finish. The complementary element in the creation of an outstanding design process that will make your project end with success be it a kitchen renovation, complete house remodelling, or custom interior design and fitting.  Whether it is traditional or modern design approach we have skilled tradesmen and craftsmen who can provide bespoke interior design and fitting by compromising all aspects of your property. 

Building Construction

With Dominant Construction experienced and innovative approach to construction affords us the ability to create exceptional residential living spaces, which are beautiful, yet meet the demands of modern daily life. We are fine builders and use the best materials and techniques to undertake your project for a high quality and solid finish. We pay great attention to detail and ensure that your structure and its fittings will be the very best from foundation to rooftop. We find that being part of your design project from initiation and planning means that our entire team will be totally familiar with your project before the building stage has commenced. 


 Whole property renovation
 ( All electrical, plumbing, heating work, rendering, plastering, tiling  )

          Property extensions – single storey, side return and multiple storey

          Property remodelling – bathrooms and kitchen

          Loft conversion
 - Mansard / Dormer / Hip to Gable

, Ground works
, Structural engineering

         Interior and exterior decor
ation,  Custom joinery and carpentry fitting 




A Building Inspector will visit at regular stages throughout the project, their job is to make sure that we are adhering to all the latest building regulations. Upon completion of works The Building Inspector will make a final visit and you will be issued with a completion certificate.



Upon completion of all works and having gained approval from The Building Inspector we will supply you with all relevant safety certificates.