Idea of extending home and period property are almost endless


Dominant Construction LTD Builders with experience performing residential extension services in London boroughs and surroundings. Our great team of experienced specialists providing high quality renovation services in side return extensions, double and single storey extensions, has extensive experience in house extension of Victorian, Georgian house extension in Fortune Green .

A well-designed and cost effective extension is an effective way to increase your living space and to add the value to your home and make it a better place to live. To maximise of your investment, and to effectively plan your house extension, we apply our experience and flair needs with detailed construction expertise and contemporary  design ideas as well as having an understanding of your personal choice and requirements.

Dominant Construction Ltd will come to you and discuss your house extension requirements and we ill capture your ideas with you to form a initial design brief. Using our extensive experience and knowledge in field means we will advise you where the design take a place and what will need to be tweaked to get the most out of your extensions planning and we ensure to exceed your expectations.

After the initial design meeting and if you require we can take care of all the necessary procedures and plans etc, we will assist you to submit the house extension designs for a planning application when it is required and the building control application. We will take care of most part all you need to worry about is paying the fees and waiting for the permission decision. We work hard to ensure that the designs that go in for the planning application have had the construction thought out and can be built without fundamental modification to the design. If you are looking for home renovation specialist or whether you need house extensions in Fortune Green .

At Dominant Construction ltd. team of experienced specialist and builders provides high quality renovation services in side return extensions, double and single storey extensions, kitchen extensions, Victorian house extension.

 The benefits of having idea of  extending home and period property are almost endless, giving you more open space after extension, as well as more flexibility and not to be forgotten, a significant increase in the value of your property. We have an excellent history in all types of extensions including:

Kitchen Extensions, Bedroom, Conservatories, Bathroom, Ground Floor/2nd Floor, Lounge, Dining Room.

House and Kitchen Extension Brief Process

Dominant Construction – Team of experienced designers and builders delivering remarkable flat and house extension and expansion services with design flair, dedication and commitment.
Dominant Construction can take care of essential aspects of your kitchen and house extension, from side return, double storey or single storey.

Our specialist team of an architectural designer and quality builder are ready to start on your upcoming project in Fortune Green, we will make sure to utilize our creativity to help extend or increase space of your home of your dream. Flexibility and ease in extending and refitting your very property.

We will put our expertise into realizing your ideas and plans, to expand your space into better living space. All service under one roof means we will coordinate and supervise every step of a extension project precisely. Ensuring customer satisfaction.
If you purchased your property and you looking for to create extra space with your personal touch and design, we are able to completely increase your living area space with your own personal desired sliding door glass extension for added living space, compromising with bright skylight and cosy feel.

First step of project process starts from initial consultation meet-up in your property in Fortune Green, design planning, planning permission permit, interior and core build product selection, construction initiation, post-job after-care clean-up.

We will make sure to make the process very smooth from beginning and we will ensure to exceed your expectations, enables us to focus our attention on every bits of building structure of property extension, kitchen extension project in to full fill your expectations.


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How it works:

An initial in-home consultation – We will meet with you at your property to discuss your house extension plans and design vision, and we will answer to all essential building questions you may have, concerning your side return, double and single storey extensions, kitchen and Victorian house extension project process.

Next is a design and proposal meeting – After first meet up with in your property located in Fortune Green

we will work on development of an initial design and work scope that covers your house or flat extension goals, we will return to your home to review your project plan with you.

Confirmation of project planning – With your approval of the finalised design plan and work scope will passed to your personal project/contracts manager, which will meet with you in your property for a final review and confirmation of your kitchen or house expansion project and to take all necessary preliminary site measurements.

Building product selection – We are happy to help you choose the perfect materials, electrical appliances, and fixtures for your house extension project, your project/contracts manager will assist you with design ideas and products.

Permits and construction – As soon as you approve your design plan and work scope, we then begin the building planning permit process. Because of our extensive experience in planning permits, we’ll handle it all for you. Once all necessary permit materials arrive and have been secured, the construction phase of your Side Returns, Rear, Multiple and Double Story home extension project will launch. Our team of experts, led by your project/contracts manager, will coordinate and supervise every aspect of construction and site management process.

Project Completion – After the project has been finalised and all work areas have been cleaned by our professional cleaners, house extension project will be completed. All certificates required for your project will be handed over to you. Please do not hesitate and contact us today. We are happy to serve residents throughout.

Our proven comprehensive project planning and coordination. Every home and flat space increase project we undertake includes a detailed project scope, regular customer updates, detailed progress log, invoicing system, a no delay policy and other aspects which makes the entire extension process as convenient as possible for you, and guaranteeing a beautiful end result. We ensure that all work we carry out proceeds according to concrete plan, each Dominant Construction extension project staff is led by project/contracts manager and an project coordinator, landscape architects and all construction is overseen and approved regularly by a site foreman and skilled trades persons.

Planning Permission
Dominant Construction have a experience in developments and submitting local planning permission guidance and building control Fortune Green district. We are also very familiar with the property types, structure and architectural profile of your region this means that any design work we take on board will be precise and will be well applied to your property. The process of obtaining planning permission of the property extension needs not meet an arduous affair for our clients, as we will make sure to meet such necessities. Our staff are excellent in communication and proven to have best project management practices to ensure an exemplary finish.

Interior and Exterior Design
The complementary element in the creation of an outstanding design process that will make your project end with success be it a kitchen expansion, house extension, or custom kitchen design and fitting. Dominant Construction in-house design team will work ensuring to optimise utility of space, scale and scope within your property for an complete finish. Whether it is traditional or modern design approach we have skilled tradesmen and craftsmen who can provide bespoke interior design and fitting by compromising all aspects of your property. There is no limits for us when it comes for renovating your property whether it is a grand kitchen or Side Returns, Rear, Multiple and Double Story extension, or posh en-suite bathroom conversions, Dominant Construction will ensure to make the most of your investment that no expense is spared in renovating your exceptional living space.

Bedroom design and fitting
The insights, experience and skill of our architectural designer will create innovative ideal bedroom renovation planning. The dedication and craftsmanship of our construction team ensures to create a space which will be most convenient and relaxing.

Kitchen extension design and fitting
For the resident in the kitchen area is not only the stage for culinary activity in the home, but also needs to be a place for guest entertainment and fine dining spot. London property owners always keen to have lovely kitchen spaces even though it is created at a design premium, yet manageable and practicable for advantage of daily use. Our cleverly designed kitchen units are not only structurally attractive and also the integration of units with the finest source of materials and appliances for an outstanding finish and experience.

We pay great attention to detail and finish of every project to ensure that your structure and its fittings will be the very best in quality from base to the top.
We believe that participating in your design project from core initiation and precise project planning means that our entire team will be totally keen and passionate with your project before the building process starts.
We understand that proximity and communication matters a lot in making your project build successful and so we have made real effort in choosing right multidisciplinary human resources who are perfectly fit for your project.














Following top reasons for you to design and extend a side return or rear extension on your property:

Utilizing unused space
Extending your living space in your property in Fortune Green into your side return or rear extension will utilize the wasted space and increase the size of the living area. Yet it’s simply is the best way to expand, brighten up your property. As a result, we can transform your property with more open space.

Natural light
As the kitchen is the closest place to the side return, a side return extension or rear extension allows more sunlight access and natural air flow into the room, and key to a bright, beautiful living space.

Fresh and cosy feel
Most of the time property layout appears to be dull, we can enhance your property with a side return or rear extension by giving it a fresh feel. It also creates modern and cosy living space for your family.

Adding Market value to property
We will advice to consider the key features on getting a side return or rear extension is that it increases the market value of a property. As a result a spacious, visually appealing design can be achieved by having positive impact on your property when selling it.

Contemporary living
We are able to create that extra space into open kitchen, which is a very popular choice. The biggest advantage of an open plan kitchen is not only functional but can also be as an entertainment space for the family.
In regards of structural design needs for a side return or rear extension, make sure to consult with Dominant Construction Ltd.


Is not the only advantages of hiring  Dominant Construction building contractors not only stands for “Outstanding Service and Support”  also we can handle your Side Returns, Rear, Multipleand Double Story, kitchen or house extension project with  quality craftsmanship, utilising only superior products and best practices.

When searching for a local home expansion and extension contractor your surrounding areas, or any other borough in London, look no further than Dominant Construction.

Please do not hesitate and contact us today. We are happy to serve residents throughout Fortune Green.

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